Westgate Park, Melbourne

I have lived in Melbourne my entire life, and only just recently discovered we have this incredible pink lake. I drive past (or over it, technically) very frequently..So I was pretty surprised I had never really noticed, or at least heard about this place.  So Easter Sunday we decided to venture down & check it out. It looks much pinker when you’re closer compared to driving over the Westgate.. and it has a pretty weird smell.. but it looks incredible!

After a bit of googling I discovered the lake turns pink due to natural phenomenon in response to very high salt levels, high temperatures, sunlight and lack of rainfall. Theres a natural interaction of a harmless alga and bacterium. The lake returns to normal colour later in autumn, when cooler weather and rainfall increases. There wasn’t a lot of life surrounding the lake (I’m assuming due to the high salt levels) but surprisingly a few ducks were swimming around, so I presume it wouldn’t be unsafe.. although I wouldn’t risk getting in there!

Overall if you live in Melbourne (or anywhere else that has one of these cool lakes) I highly suggest going down and checking it out.. it certainly isn’t something you see everyday!

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