Photo Challenge – Recreate a Famous Photograph

Week 3 // Recreate a Famous Photograph.

It took me some time to choose the perfect photograph for this challenge..but as soon as Annie Leibovitz’s 1981 Rolling Stone cover of John Lennon & Yoko Ono came to mind, I knew I had to recreate this.. of course with a little twist.

I was lucky enough to visit an Annie Leibovitz exhibition last year in Singapore and see this photograph up close, along with many of her incredible & inspiring works of art.

The original photograph was captured only hours before John Lennon was murdered outside a building in New York City.

In Annie’s words herself.. “It’s actually an excellent example of how circumstances change a picture. Suddenly, that photograph has a story. You’re looking at it and thinking it’s their last kiss, or they’re saying goodbye. You can make up all sorts of things about it. I think it’s amazing when there’s a lot of levels to a photograph.”

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