Happy Halloween; Mexico City Graveyard

Happy Halloween!

Being an Australian, we don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween, but I really love the idea of concepts and ideas that would normally be seen as dark, scary and frightening be celebrated and accepted in a fun way… The last few years I have been fortunate enough to photograph and share images of my friends amazing and extravagant Halloween parties, but this year I’m sharing something a little more ‘real’..

On my recent travels to Mexico City, walking the streets trying to get somewhere, we got lost and stumbled into this cemetery. My friends of course thought this was terrifying and immediately wanted to find the exit, but for some reason I am drawn to this.. it was a very large space and it seemed to have no order at all, plots are placed anywhere and everywhere, in no particular direction, expensive tombstones next to poor.

It was beautiful chaos.

I wish I could have spent some more time in here exploring, but this was all I had time to capture before I completely lost my friends lol..

Mexico CityMexicoMexico City

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