Cathy + Rod // Victoria Gold Club

I was recently blessed enough to capture the beautiful wedding of Cathy & Rod at the Victoria Golf Club.

I was particularly excited to shoot their wedding as it was a little non-traditional.. Cathy wore the most stunning red dress & her gorgeous daughter walked her down the aisle… plus scooting around on golf buggies was fun too! :P

Hair styling was and make up was done by the very talented La Mia Artistry. 

Cathy’s incredible red wedding dress was purchased from a Chinese website called TaoBao (which translates in English to ‘Treasure Hunting’)

That perfect bouquet of flowers was created by Baguley F&I Flower & Plant Growers.

Cathy was kind enough to answer a few questions about her big day..

What was your favourite part of the whole day?

I loved the ceremony the most!

Do you have any advice or tips for any to-be brides?

You don’t need to spent lots of money to buy your wedding dress. Nowadays, you can get a very beautiful dress at very reasonable price online…as long as you measure your size properly!

Having a to do list so you can follow the list and organise everything accordingly.

Most importantly, try to find a good husband who will organise most things for you.. just like mine!

What was the trickiest part about organising your wedding?

 Organising a the wedding is like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, you organise every part individually and then at the end try to put every part together at the right place at the right time.. it was very tricky!

 Some kind words Cathy & Rod had about having me as their photographer..

Tahnee has unique pair of eyes, she captured some unique moments which other photographer couldn’t have. We were pleased to have her as our photographer! We wish Tahnee many more wedding experiences!


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