About Tahnee

Hey! Let me introduce myself… I'm Tahnee Jade and I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. 

I am no stranger to hard work; it is something I pride myself on. I also choose not to take life too seriously…Oh, and don’t ask me to prepare a Sunday roast anytime soon. However, what I lack in the kitchen – can be made up with my photography skills.

At 20 years young I purchased my first 'fancy camera'… the burning desire to take a few photos (okay, maybe a few thousand) became a passion. After a cocktail of photography workshops, years of practice, research and knowledge on my craft – it happened – a friend of mine popped the BIG question… “Will you photograph my wedding?” 

My answer could not be more direct, as I knew this day would possibly come. “No”… Actually it was more like a “Hell NO!” The term cold feet is not reserved just for the future bride and groom. 

However, thanks to the bride-to-be’s persistence and charisma (and faith in my skills)… I found myself surrounded by 300 guests at her beautiful surprise ceremony, enjoying the atmosphere of a Greek-Australian wedding. After the last guest strayed away from the Zorba on the reception dance floor – I could hear my thoughts…. I DID IT.. And I have lived to tell the tale! 

In fact, once my dear friends received and viewed their captured moments of their special day – their expressions of joy and appreciation made me realise, that I was onto something… I was hooked. Wedding photography was what I wanted to do. I wanted to capture lifetime memories for people to treasure for years to come. It made them happy; and that in turn made me happy. 

My love for capturing weddings is only the tip of the iceberg… for my love for photography includes architectural design, various people and diverse countries. 

Travel is a constant in my life… I have strolled the Great Wall of China, sipped tequila in Mexico (ok, maybe not sipped), sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon, watched the sunset over in rooftop pools in Singapore, acted like royalty in Morocco, day dreamt above the busy streets of Spain and of course there was Vegas…. My photos tell the stories of my travels; and exploring the world adds an aspect to how I view life and art. 

As years have gone past my passion has exceeded all expectations. I am in love with my craft. Photography is my craft, creativity is my secret-weapon and my camera is my wingman. 

Marrying up my love of life, adventure, travel, photography and food has been my oxygen. This is who I am. I am a great listener. I excel at celebrations. I am the person behind the lens. I want to help capture your story. If you think we sound like a perfect match... then shoot me an email and let’s chat!